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Drink It All In

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

The central Oregon Coast has an ever-expanding crafter's culture. From our top-notch coffee roasters to our finest breweries and wineries, you are sure to find something for everyone to sip on. Visiting Depoe Bay and surrounding areas will keep you adventuring and relaxing at the same time.

Depoe Bay has a wide variety of things to do. If you want to experience like a local, this is the place for you. Being away from home doesn't have to mean leaving your routine behind. You can nestle-in at a family owned and operated coffee shop, watch whales and drink delicious beer brewed on-site or visit a winery. These places are unique to our area and we are so happy to welcome you!

Imbibe (Definition)

transitive verb 1a: DRINK b: to take in or up a sponge: imbibes moisture 2a: to receive into the mind and retain imbibe moral principles

2b: to assimilate or take into solution 3: archaic : SOAK, STEEP

We invite you to Imbibe fully:

Depoe Bay Winery

22 S Hwy 101 Depoe Bay, OR (541) 765.3311

Flying Dutchman Winery

915 First St Otter Rock, OR (541) 765.2553

Locally made wines and varieties, wine tasting room and oceanfront resting spot

Salishack Tavern

6725 NW Gleneden Beach Loop Gleneden Beach, OR (541) 764.2434

Local hangout for excellent service, drinks and delicious food menu

Depoe Bay Liquor (541) 765.2317

531 N Hwy 101 Depoe Bay, OR Suite H

Siren's Oceanfront Restaurant & Bar

3115 NW Hwy 101 Depoe Bay, OR (541) 764.2311

Oceanfront dining above Fogarty Creek Beach

Tidepool Pub & Pool

502 NE Hwy 101 Depoe Bay, OR (541) 765.4346

Great place for pizza, drinks and to play pool

Hook & Slice Restaurant & Bar (541) 764.9163

7755 NW Hwy 101 Gleneden Beach, OR

Delicious Menu offerings with deluxe bar at the golf course pro-shop at Salishan Coastal Lodge

The Attic Lounge at Salishan

7760 NW Hwy 101 Gleneden Beach, OR (541) 764.3600

Cozy Lounge in the Lodge Style open air room at Salishan Coastal Lodge

Beachcrest Brewing Company

7755 NW Hwy 101 Gleneden Beach, OR @ the Shops at Salishan

(541) 234.4013

Pirate Coffee Company

10 Vista Street Depoe Bay, OR (541) 765-4373

Drum-roasted brews & smoothies offered in a comfy coffeehouse & gift shop with outdoor seating.

Left Coast Coffee Company

26 Hwy 101 Depoe Bay, OR (541) 614-4228

3203 SE Hwy 101 Lincoln City, OR

Specialty coffee cafe & distributor located in Depoe Bay and our newest location in Lincoln City. Wholesale and website retail orders available.

Big Mountain Coffee Roasters

3930 Hwy 101 Lincoln Beach, OR (541) 764-2195

Big Mountain Coffee Roasters (est 2003) is a unique specialty roaster and coffee shop located 2 miles north of Depoe Bay on the Oregon Coast.

Cafe C'est la Vie

8 Bella Beach Dr. Depoe Bay, OR (541) 764-2828

Located a few miles North of Depoe Bay, a French inspired creperie cafe featuring coffee, breakfast, lunch & catering options....truly a full service cafe!

Cliffside Coffee & Sweets

865 1st Street Otter Rock, OR (541) 764-9033

Sweets & Coffee shop located in Otter Rock near Devil's Punch Bowl. Visit us today for a great day-excursion in Otter Rock......There's so much to discover!

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